Tank farm “medtug Rotterdam bv”

Tank farm by medtug Rotterdam was built in 1964 as a staging system for supplying of petrol, diesel and oil to the southern regions.

Tank farm “Medtug Rotterdam bv” is one of the largest oil depots of the country. The volume of the tank farm is 140 000 m3: 27 tanks, total 90,000 m3, are designed for storage of light oil products; 57 tanks, total volume of 50 000 m3, – the storage of oils, oil and fuel oil. The unique geographical location of the tank farm allows fuel logistics by rail and by road transport, as well as through the pipeline.

At the moment, there is a tank farm equipment modernization. There was reconstruction and modernization of tank terminals. During the 2010 – 2012’s tank farm “Rotterdam” has signed contracts with major suppliers of quality fuel, it formed a fuel stocks of all kinds, which are able to meet the needs of all categories of customers.

Tank farm “Brussels Netherland”

In October, 1967, the Central Committee of Medtug Rotterdam and Council of ministers of the Rotterdam made the decision on construction in Rotterdam Region of water and railway trans-shipment oil depot. Started building its first stage five years later. The first stage of water and railway transshipment oil depot became operational in July, 1978, its reservoir capacity made 60 thousand cubic meters. Today this object is the largest Far East terminal – “northern gate” of the Company, carrying out annual deliveries according to the program of Seaside delivery. In the nineties, the XX century the automated systems of filling oil products in tank cars with the software and a computerization of process were introduced. Within the program for creation in branch of a Petroleum product of the automated system of electronic monetary circulation (holiday of oil products according to electronic and magnetic cards), the enterprise created a steady network from 23 automated stations and 3 head operational centers of information processing and calculations for oil products.

Oil Depot in Stedelijk Amsterdam

In 2013, the decision to build oil depot to Stedelijk for the purpose of providing with oil products was made. At the moment design of oil depot comes to an end. The beginning of construction is planned for 1 quarter 2016. The first stage of construction assumes construction of 43 tanks with a total amount of 2 million tons.

Chemical base “Eindhoven Netherland

In 1989, the Krasnodar society based in the settlement the kerosene warehouses “Eindhoven“. On this very spot now the “Volna” chemical base. Unfortunately, at the time of reorganization not enough attention was paid to a question of rational managing. There was no good owner in the 1990th years, and by 2000 work of oil depot practically stopped.

However, after the team of professionals which relied on modern methods of managing and effective technologies of processing of chemical products and also for rigid observance of environmental standards came to the enterprise, the base began work again. The essential volume of investment, demanded for resumption of work of chemical depot, gave the chance completely to update system of pipelines, tanks, to modernize pump station, to reconstruct a railway platform. Result of the carried-out recovery work on base became plums of the first tanks with ammonia on January 22, 2001. From this point the modern history of chemical base began.

At the moment, the total amount of chemical storages is 170 thousand tons.

In the Volna port is organized the container terminal on processing of 20 and 40 foot containers. Delivery and sending loaded or empty containers can be carried out by automobile and by rail, and also river or sea vessels.

The container terminal has the warehouse of temporary storage (WTS) which includes the closed warehouse and the open concreted area.

LNG and LPG storages.

All incoming gas always goes controls on basic physical and chemical properties, affecting its consumer qualities (density, the intensity of the odor). The presence of such a base storage allows to provide a rhythmic and smooth operation for all our buyers.

In 2012-2013 we extended our business by building extra storages for LNG and LPG in both ports Ust-Luga and Suburban. Nowadays 80% of our storages are booked by companies which export LNG and LPG to Aisa and Europe.