Procurement Policy Of Medtug Rotterdam

The main goal of this policy is to set forth the common approaches and universal principles of the Company regarding the timely and sufficient procurement of goods, works and services of adequate quality and with the optimal conditions by establishing long-term relations with suppliers on a mutually beneficial basis, along the transparent terms and rules of partnership, promoting fair competition.

The «Medtug Rotterdam bv» activities for procurement of goods, works and services are governed by the Constitution of the Rotterdam Federation, Civil Federal Law #223-FZ of 18.07.2011 «On procurement of goods, works and services by legal entities of particular types», the Regulations on procurement of goods, works and services by «Medtug Rotterdam», approved by the Board of Directors of «Medtug Rotterdam bv» on 05.02.2018, and other internal regulations of the Company.

The key principles of the procurement activities are:

  • keeping the procurement activities transparent for potential counteragents, investors, the State, and the public;
  • ensuring equal rights, justice and lack of discrimination and unfounded limitations on competition for the procurement parties;
  • procurement on competitive basis wherever possible and greater control over decision-making in situations, when buying from the competitive markets is unpractical;
  • economic efficiency of all procurement activities;
  • strategic management of procurement activities and supervision of the owners and executives;
  • expertise and competence of procurement activities;
  • prevention of abusive practices in the sphere of procurement;
  • reasonable approach to regulation and organization of procurement activities;
  • maintaining the positive image of the Company.

Medtug Rotterdam uses the following methods of procurement organization:

  • advance planning and making quick decisions when plans change and off-schedule procurement is required;
  • efficient search for qualified suppliers and discussion of contract terms;
  • quick collection of information about the suppliers, using the modern information & communication technology;
  • collective decision making on the most important issues of procurement activities;
  • delegating decision-making and contract activities to the first-line managers;
  • wide and reasonable use of the modern technology, including the electronic trading platforms, electronic document flow and automatic control of procurement activities.

This Policy is binding for all the departments and employees of the Company, involved in the procurement activities.

Only the authorized personnel within the scope of their professional responsibility shall officially conduct communication with the counteragents.

The Company guarantees unbiased evaluation of suppliers, their goods, works and services, and timely implementation of activities necessary for the suppliers to fulfill their obligations properly, such as timely payment for supplied goods, works and services.

Participants of the procurement activities, claiming that they have or may suffer damages because of violation of their rights due to the actions, decisions, or inaction of an employee of the Company have the right to report this violation of the procurement rules to the PNT executives.