It is all about logistics

With our extensive experience in all major industries and our global network of offices, our experts are able to find supply chain solutions for your specific business needs. We combine our logistics expertise with freight forwarding products to create solutions for the most dynamic and category-specific markets.

We manage the complete supply chain, from planning to operational phase. We design transportation models, assist with the freight budget, and develop cost-effective supply chain models that support complex consolidation opportunities.

By using our state-of-the-art computer systems, we can control all aspects of your supply chain. Our logistics specialists use a wide range of advanced applications to view shipment status, manage inventory, schedule actions and report performance.

No matter the cargo, we will get it shipped

Our in-depth knowledge of the short sea market, projects, offshore, dry cargo and tanker shipping industry enables us to deliver a complete brokerage service.

Our experienced team of specialists support incoming ships with a round-the-clock service, 365 days a year. Our team’s knowledge of all aspects of marine operations gives you the opportunity to do what you’re good at. Using our expertise of the market we provide a best-in-industry, tailor-made service all of our clients.

We negotiate with ship’s owners to acquire the most suitable vessel, competitive rate and most importantly meeting the specific requirements of each individual job.

We have a large track-record providing these services to all ports covered by the Medtug network, which makes us the ideal partner for Ships Agency and Stevedoring.

We can reach any location by water

We work with leading carriers and use an expanding network of agents, partners and our own offices around the world.  This way we provide you a global service, backed by the expertise of our local teams.

As a multi modal transport operator, we are able to deliver a complete deep-sea shipping and freight forwarding service to all of our customers. We take on all aspects of operational and administrative activities to ensure that consignments reach their destination on the agreed time.

We  continually monitor freight rates and transit times from all the major shipping lines and our aim is to provide you with the fastest and most competitive rates for your cargo. We provide full cargo routing proposals, including advice on cargo stowage and securing for out of gauge, heavy and otherwise ‘special’ cargoes and where necessary can provide route surveys for complex movements.

Our experienced team will guide you through the process of moving your cargo quickly and securely up to arrival at your door, within your specified time schedules.

Our services include:

  • Vessel chartering
  • Bunkering
  • Design & fabrication of sea fastenings
  • Precision lift & installation of major packages
  • Offshore marine support

Related services:

  • Ocean freight
  • Ships Chartering
  • Project Freight Forwarding
  • Heavy Lift Engineering & operations

Customer Relationship

• Updating the product range.
• Development of new products.
• Expansion of the nomenclature.
• Reducing the time of preparation of proposals and their implementation.
• Improved customer service: shortening an effective response to the problem, the prevention of problems.
• Improving the efficiency of post-sales customer support.
• Awareness of customers for new products and services.

Quality Management System

• Adherence to the principles of the international standards ISO 9001: 2008 in all areas of the company.
• The study of the needs of customers and developing products and services that meet their needs, feedback.
• Strict control over the quality of products at all stages of its life cycle.
• The focus of work in the first place to prevent possible deviations, and not for their elimination.
• Involving every employee to participate in the improvement of production processes.

The basis and preconditions for the implementation of

• The active work in the consumer market.
• Focus on market demands and customer needs.
• Customer Relationship Management.
• The portfolio of products, the most popular consumer.
• Powerful extensive network.
• Modernization of production.
• Application of new technologies.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental policy of “Medtug Rotterdam” designed and aimed at the safe and sustainable development of the enterprise, the rational use of natural resources, safety and health personnel, as well as the presence of the population in cities and surrounding areas.
The goal of environmental policy – reducing atmospheric pollution by harmful emissions, ensuring environmental safety of enterprises and products.
In order to achieve the objectives and implementation of the basic principles of the environmental performance of “Medtug Rotterdam” assumes the following obligations:

• To recognize the priority of environmental safety as an integral part of national security; comply with the requirements of the Russian legislation on the protection of the environment; monitor and analyze the environmental requirements and respond to their changing;
• Adoption of management and investment decisions on the basis of multi-variant scenarios, taking into account environmental priorities;
• Providing resource, reducing the negative impact on the environment, taking all possible measures to preserve the climate, biodiversity and compensation of possible damage to the environment;
• Investing in carrying out activities aimed at preventing and reducing the negative impact on the environment;
• Improving the environmental performance of existing production – improvement of basic technologies for the production, development and implementation of engineering and technological solutions, the use of environmentally friendly materials, as well as the decommissioning of environmentally inefficient equipment;
• Maintaining ecological order in the premises on the industrial site in the zone of influence on the environment; reducing “visible” (apparently detected by the senses) the impact on the environment.
• Raise awareness of staff in the field of environmental protection and to ensure the proper level of understanding of the importance of environmental aspects;
• Implement pollution prevention, which means the priority of preventive actions to prevent negative impacts on the environment before action to combat the effects of such impacts;
• Improving the efficiency of interaction with government agencies and non-governmental organizations on the implementation of the environmental policy of the enterprise.